Sunday, August 13, 2017

Miniatures Update

They are climbing. 

Each is different in size -
 and as always,
 I have used recycled, 
vintage & antique materials
 in these little books. 

Pocket size Storytellers for your story. 

We all have a unique story to tell. 

Sometimes we just need to tell a little one.

I will be announcing the date & time for my store restock shortly.

Sunday, August 6, 2017


I am currently working on a new series of miniature books.
These two were the first. Not glued, no mull - just bare.
I have always loved seeing books at this stage.

This one I covered with parts of a vintage Egyptian leather wallet, 
along with some old lace I had.

 Then I made more, which I covered.

And I didn't stop there.

This little series will be part of my Etsy restock in about one week.

I love returning to this original binding method which was incidentally the second method I was taught to do. The first was Coptic stitching with hard covers - the rest, I am self taught. 

I would take books apart and sew them back together over and over, until they nearly fell to pieces.


So after driving down the old gravel road,
I settle in my little cabin at night,
 by the salt lamp and fire, 
and stitch.

Looking forward to sharing these final creations with you all very soon.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Bubbling Bindery

These days I feel like I need to clone myself, 
so various me's can be at work at once. 

A bit here, 
a bit there, 
oh and can you please vacuum that, and pack those?

I admit to feeling a little overwhelmed at times, but I can only do so much with one pair of hands.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share with you some of the books I have made and sold over the last few weeks. These are enormously time consuming - each tiny detail has a story behind it; a process of its own. My studio practice is extremely slow which I struggled with for years -  but have realised over time that binding is my teacher, and I am the student. 

I know this saying 'There is always a teacher, and a student. Which one are you?'

It slows me down - allows breath, meditation, creativity and intuition to flow. The more I slow down, the more work I can do. It's a funny paradox.

Some creations here, all sold. More will be coming in the next fortnight.

I am active on Instagram - if you would like to follow me please do, click 'Follow' and I can add you. @bibliographica. 



Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Creations

I've been busy the past few weeks working on a re stock for my store, 
along with some custom orders that needed my full attention...

Some of you may have noticed my Etsy store has been on hold for the last week or so. 

Tonight it will re-open with some new books. 

These are all very rustic, haphazard in some way - 
but accumulated in an orderly fashion... 
the vagabond gypsy who pulls it off - 
some of them ring this to me. 

They take on lives of their own.

These little tomes I hope will be matched with their right owners, 
and be ferried off to some wonderful places 
to connect with some equally wonderful souls.

8:00 pm tonight, the 15th - 
here is a peek at some of the books I will have available.

I hope to find some time for this neglected little special space.

Thanks for stopping by. :)


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bundled Up

A new book has emerged, 
either side of tinkering away on some custom orders.

This book feels like a treasure. 
The way it wraps.. 
there is something about it that says
            all the words & sketches which will be on the pages, are sacred.

The leather remnant did not need much altering. 
It was the book, as I found it -
           and it took form of its own accord.

The beauty of intuition.

The endpapers are authentic antique prints 
          - which add an element of mystery.

Over 430 pages here, all individually hand teared & stained.

I love this book, and will be featuring more like it.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Nautical Notes

I loved creating this new journal, Nautical Notes. 

The linen is thick and luxurious - 
and after I had hand aged & ironed it, 
this took a new turn altogether. 

The linen, after I dyed it. I could sleep on piles of it, like hay.

Half way through stitching. The light here does not reflect the true colour.

The finished piece.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Where has she gone? 

They ask. 

She's forgotten all about this little space. 

She's off on Instagram, being instant.

Perhaps. But not so glamorously. 

It's been told her little phone is only made for little things.
Still, a presence has been made & connections too, at that. 
What a delightful little world of creatives.

It's true, I miss my posts, stories and poems. 
Writing them, even if no one reads. 

Because, that's not the goal. 

I can be unabashedly me, but differently than in my own journal.

The little journal, which I mistreated by accidentally spilling water on it. 

The bottom corner of the spine was quite wet, leaving but a trace of blurred ink from past thoughts & musings. I am torn between being taken with the additional rusticity and aging of the journal, and losing words. 

I considered going back over the unfinished patchy sentences, and trying to finish them. But I have always had a pet hate for when a pen has run out, and one can see the dented embossed lines from where the writer was unable to write further, then replaced the blank patterns with new ink. 

This never goes down well.

So it sits open, by my pot belly fire, and perhaps this will dry in the night, and become something new.

I have several journals in the making, and will share here, in a few days.

my daily journal

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Re-visitations & Flying the Nest

I created a couple new books and was gearing up to share, when both flew the nest before I could blink. Sometimes I browse through past creations and start tinkering with my designs, to incorporate the old & the new, as my perspective alters through time.

Loved creating these books, and I have several in the making, in various stages of completion - which will be drip fed into my store as each one is finished.

Double Expression returned (and is returning) with my twist on the spine, this signature design I have come to incorporate into many of my books. This is a brand new design, which you can expect to see more of in my future work.

The Double Journal prior to stitching the pages in.

The Little Artist returned, and another is in progress.


Lastly, Tapestry Tales which first featured 3 years ago, made a comeback.

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