Monday, April 24, 2017

New Creations

... Just some imagery today with links. 

I'll be back to my blog in time. xx


  1. Mmmm-Mmmmm! Beauty in the making--I just love the beautiful tea-stained pages and the contrasting end pages with that SOFT leather--irresistable!

  2. I'm running out of words to describe how much I love your creations and how wonderful they all are. You do fantastic work with much heart & soul.

  3. Being so caught in the whirlwind of life the last month I have to say I lose sight of how much the work of my favorite creative folk inspires and refreshes me. It is simply so wonderful to see your new pieces and to ooh and ahh over them all. Ditto what is said above. . .the words are never enough. :)


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