Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bundled Up

A new book has emerged, 
either side of tinkering away on some custom orders.

This book feels like a treasure. 
The way it wraps.. 
there is something about it that says
            all the words & sketches which will be on the pages, are sacred.

The leather remnant did not need much altering. 
It was the book, as I found it -
           and it took form of its own accord.

The beauty of intuition.

The endpapers are authentic antique prints 
          - which add an element of mystery.

Over 430 pages here, all individually hand teared & stained.

I love this book, and will be featuring more like it.


  1. What an absolute masterful art book, Louise! Your attention to detail makes me swoon.

    1. Thank you Dawn, that means alot coming from you! xx

  2. Louise! You know I adore all of your creations but yes, this particular book is very special! The gorgeous end papers and the overall organic look of it give it the feel of coming from another place and time. A field journal. I expect it to be filled with indecipherable notations and sketches of new discoveries. Perhaps a few pressed specimens of flora. . . .

    I'd write it into a story of it's own and build an entire character around it! I am so happy that you continue to post your words and works here the as time allows. It fills MY world with a bit of something-out-of-time magik each and every time. :)

    nicolas xx


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