Sunday, May 7, 2017


Where has she gone? 

They ask. 

She's forgotten all about this little space. 

She's off on Instagram, being instant.

Perhaps. But not so glamorously. 

It's been told her little phone is only made for little things.
Still, a presence has been made & connections too, at that. 
What a delightful little world of creatives.

It's true, I miss my posts, stories and poems. 
Writing them, even if no one reads. 

Because, that's not the goal. 

I can be unabashedly me, but differently than in my own journal.

The little journal, which I mistreated by accidentally spilling water on it. 

The bottom corner of the spine was quite wet, leaving but a trace of blurred ink from past thoughts & musings. I am torn between being taken with the additional rusticity and aging of the journal, and losing words. 

I considered going back over the unfinished patchy sentences, and trying to finish them. But I have always had a pet hate for when a pen has run out, and one can see the dented embossed lines from where the writer was unable to write further, then replaced the blank patterns with new ink. 

This never goes down well.

So it sits open, by my pot belly fire, and perhaps this will dry in the night, and become something new.

I have several journals in the making, and will share here, in a few days.

my daily journal


  1. I love this personal journal of your's, is special.

  2. Louise, whether it's once a week or once every few months, I will always come to read whatever you decide to share here. What I hope for you, most of all, is that your Instagram experiences etc bring you all the creative satisfaction and are part of the growing success that you deserve!!

    The problem with some blogs was always that they were becoming more like instagram with words, struggling to fill the ever growing need in some "content overload" followers for more and more to ingest. I have found my favorites to be those, like yours here, that opens and appeared like a flower when the time to bloom with words and thoughts is just so. When there are new things and thoughts ripe to share.

    That's the gift. The jewel. The very best. :)

    Thank you!

    1. What lovely words to read, Nicolas. Thank you so much <3 I can't agree more with the content overload. In a year or two people will be tired of Instagram and it will be thrown in the dump along with Flickr. You can try to keep up or you can just walk to the beat of your own drum. :) x

  3. Sweet journal of your own there, even if it got a bit of a soaking, and nice comments here, too. I made an attempt to join on instagram but just forget to check in there or post anything. I really like certain blogs so I loved what Nicolas wrote about yours, that's how I feel, too. Always a pleasure to see friends and catch up a bit.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Susan. You can join instagram and just use it from your computer, but you won't be able to upload images. You can comment etc from there too. I did that to start. You might like it :) Love your blog too and have followed for some years! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here and keeping the blog going. It is being read and enjoyed :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! That sure is nice to know :)


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