Thursday, June 15, 2017

New Creations

I've been busy the past few weeks working on a re stock for my store, 
along with some custom orders that needed my full attention...

Some of you may have noticed my Etsy store has been on hold for the last week or so. 

Tonight it will re-open with some new books. 

These are all very rustic, haphazard in some way - 
but accumulated in an orderly fashion... 
the vagabond gypsy who pulls it off - 
some of them ring this to me. 

They take on lives of their own.

These little tomes I hope will be matched with their right owners, 
and be ferried off to some wonderful places 
to connect with some equally wonderful souls.

8:00 pm tonight, the 15th - 
here is a peek at some of the books I will have available.

I hope to find some time for this neglected little special space.

Thanks for stopping by. :)



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Dawn, I'm always drooling over your beautiful creations too!

  2. There is a positive shift in the fabric of this magical universe anytime you offer your beautiful work to the world! Looking forward to watching them fly out the "door" and into the hands of those who will become the conjurers of light and the dreamers of dreams within them. :)

    Always SO good to see you pop in here!!

    1. Aw, Nicolas you are the kindness man. Thank you for your lovely words. It means alot coming from you!

  3. so much beauty here ... totally agree with Dawn and those great words Nicolas left for you. Your break was well spent.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Susan! xxx


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