Sunday, August 6, 2017


I am currently working on a new series of miniature books.
These two were the first. Not glued, no mull - just bare.
I have always loved seeing books at this stage.

This one I covered with parts of a vintage Egyptian leather wallet, 
along with some old lace I had.

 Then I made more, which I covered.

And I didn't stop there.

This little series will be part of my Etsy restock in about one week.

I love returning to this original binding method which was incidentally the second method I was taught to do. The first was Coptic stitching with hard covers - the rest, I am self taught. 

I would take books apart and sew them back together over and over, until they nearly fell to pieces.


So after driving down the old gravel road,
I settle in my little cabin at night,
 by the salt lamp and fire, 
and stitch.

Looking forward to sharing these final creations with you all very soon.


  1. such lovely books and that road to your cabin is so pretty ... very nice work.

  2. I'm inspired by the story behind the binding, and Louise, I am dangerously close to snatching one of these from your shop! I will have to be ready...

  3. I cannot wait to see them! I imagine this is a very productive, introspective time in your world. Winter, the smell and crackle the fire, the warmth of the lamp light. . . and the creative discoveries within. :) That road. . . it feels as if it could lead you anywhere on a given day. . .


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